How to get back notifications you accidentally dismissed on Android


The notification menu in Android fills up very fast sometimes, it’s anything but difficult to close it without legitimately checking it. On the off chance that you’ve done this, and think you may have unintentionally swiped something vital into non-presence, you may in any case get it back. Here we demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to recoup lost notifications on your Android gadget by finding the notification history in Android.


The notice log – where you may find deleted notifications – is just accessible on Notification log note 4 , notification log Samsung Galaxy , Samsung galaxy s5 and s6 , Android 4.3 jelly bean , or above. For the reasons for this walkthrough, we utilized stock Android Lollipop.

Make a click on the free space on your home screen. Once you have done this then click Widgets then move your cursor left until you find the shortcut of Settings route widget. Again long tap the gadget until your home screens show up, then drag it to a home screen of your decision. In the Settings alternate way menu that shows up, look down and tap Android Notification log. A shortcut of Notification log will show up on your home screen. Simply tap this, and you’ll have entry to your notice history. When you are in the notification option then you will find the active notifications option in white, and the notification that you stop in gray. You may click the gray one notifications pretty much as you would typically, and you’ll be taken straight to the wellspring of the warning.

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Nothing will be more discouraging for you than coincidentally rejecting some vital notice appearing on your Android gadget. What’s more, the main thing you cleared out with is feeling aggravate and reviling yourself, isn’t that right?

Yes, we know the vibe! All of us eventually of time have been in the same circumstance.

Well prepare yourself, as from now onwards, you don’t need to lament as you can recover those unintentionally released warning on your Android gadget.

Though, do not get excessively energized in case you’re not holding Android gadget running Android Lollipop, as this will work just on gadget running Lollipop. Yes, you may utilize the Xposed Framework to change and so forth, however again we should not dive that deep.


Along these lines, here are straightforward 5 stages you have to take after to get incidentally released notice back.21PDMVkFCDL

Step 1:- Firstly click and hang on an empty space on the home screen on your Android gadget.

Step 2:- Next click on Widgets option.

Step 3:- Move from right to left and click on the “Settings Shortcut”.

Step 4:- Drag it to clear space on Home-Screen, doing which will give you alternatives to look over. Select “Warning”.

Step 5 Once done, hit that Notification Icon on Home screen, which will list all the warning you have.

Well you seen just five simple steps and you get all important information about How to get back notifications you accidentally dismissed on Android and how to get Android  notification log. This shows our hard work and your believes on us. Because our main goal is your satisfaction.

Thus, at whatever point you release any notice incidentally, simply tap on this made alternate way which will guide you to rundown of notice. What’s more, yes, the most recent notice will be on the top, on the off chance that in case you’re pondering. So keep this easy route dependably on your home screen to peruse warning appropriately, and couldn’t care less much, reject the same number of notice as you need, since you have the best approach to bring them back.

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