How to Make Beautiful Instagram Content

I have been an avid Instagrammer for many years now and in truth it is my favorite social media site. The thing that I love most about Instagram is the visual side of things which it promotes, you don’t need to give away too much info and it has a real no nonsense approach.

The key to every social media channel is content but I have always felt that Instagram really focuses harder on this than anyone else and it forces its users to really work hard on creating great content for their followers. You can follow every trick of the trade to grow your Instagram profile, you can buy automatic Instagram likes, you can get creative with hashtags, get mentioned by influencers and engage with everyone but without great content, you won’t get very far. If this is an area that you are lacking in, here is how to make sure that you are creating great content.

Deciding Upon The Message

Before you take a single photograph or video, think about what message you are trying to get across with your content, are you looking to inform, shock, or provide humor? These are some considerations which you need to make when it comes to content and once you know what kind of message you want to send out, you can have a better idea for what kind of content you should be looking at.

The Photo Itself

The photo which you take needs to be just right and you should spend a lot of time on setting up the shot. Think about how different backgrounds can work with different items, use props and try out different lighting and different angles so that you can get the perfect photograph. You may need to take over 20 or 30 shots to get it just right but it will be well worth it in the end.

Getting Creative With Filters

Instagram has in-built filters on the application which you can use to really bring your images to life and you can play about with a huge range of filters, styles and contrasts to make that shot jump off the page.

Smart Use Of Colors

Colors send signals to the minds of those who see them and you can play upon this to make sure that your content is one which others will love. A prime example of this would be the color red, it has been proven to make users sit up and take notice and if you can incorporate this into your images then you can give your content more exposure. Research which colors help with which emotion and play on it to deliver great content.

Adding The Description

Just because it is not very prominent, the description which you place on your content hosed stile adding value and you need to have a good think about what you will put there, this could be your opportunity to reinforce your message.

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