How to Use Siri to Update Status on Social Media without Jailbreaking

Utilize Siri for the sake of entertainment because of the talking feature. All things considered, very few individuals may converse or talk with their phone and get related reaction back. Nonetheless, most of them don’t even have idea about that Siri can really be utilized for more valuable stuffs, such as helping you out to upgrade your status in social medias’ and system.

You can essentially ‘teach’ Siri to upgrade status and do the straightforward work without having to jailbreak your gadget at all. Yes, in the event that you know how then you may set the array in your device so Siri may help you with your Facebook, Twitter and also Google+ update. Simply shout the command and Siri will naturally upload the essential messages.

Once more, setting up Siri to do this won’t oblige you to do jailbreaking movement to your PC as it includes basic text messaging array.


Actuating the Feature for Facebook

Take after these progressions to actuate this component:

  • Press your keyboard buttons and enter Hello. Once you have typed text Hello then send it to 32665. Remember every nation has diverse code for this, so you might need to test the Facebook page to discover more about the code utilized as a part of your nation.
  • You might get an instant text message absolute with a particular link.
  • Click on the connection keeping in mind the end goal to affirm and after that add the offered code to your contacts.
  • You may name it with different names, yet utilize Facebook to make the usage less demanding.
  • That’s it! You may order Siri to send a content for your Facebook account.

Enacting the Feature for Twitter

Essentially, the strides are just about the same, however make sure that you truly take after the manual for the letters.

  • Type Start and send the instant message to 40404. Once more, every nation has diverse code for this, so you might need to check the Twitter page to discover more about the code utilized as a part of your nation.
  • You will get a confirmation content.
  • Twitter teaches you to send your username back, and after that the secret key.
  • You will get a specific code, which you can add to your contacts list.
  • Name it Twitter.
  • You may advice Siri to propel texts when you need to tweet something.

Initiating the Feature for Google+

Organizing the setting for Google+ will be somewhat distinctive, on the grounds that the general setting, outline, and design isn’t the same as other online networking. Here are the progressions to take after:

  • Visit to Settings and after that pick the Set Delivery Preferences alternative
  • Include the number you are utilizing for the iPhone 4S
  • Ensure that you have picked the alternatives Don’t Notify Me. If not, you will get approaching instant messages.
  • You will get an instant message affirming your activity, alongside the confirmation code.
  • When you are done checking, add it to your contacts list. Incorporate number 33669 and name it with Google Plus.
  • You can advise Siri to send instant messages to Google+ so your circle can see the updates.


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